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Town of Babylon

200 E. Sunrise Hwy, Lindenhurst, NY, 11757, US



Plumbing Application for COMMERCIAL PROPERTY only

  • Plumber’s Liability (ACORD) and Worker's Compensation (Forms C-105.2, U-26.3 or SI-12) insurances must be provided with every application.
    • Liability Insurance must include: the plumbers name and business name, Town of Babylon as additional insured and Town of Babylon as certificate holder.
  • Owner’s Endorsement form, both homeowner’s and plumber’s signatures must be notarized.
  • Survey (if applicable)
  • Copy of Building Permit (if applicable)
    • Building permit (if applicable) must be issued before a plumbing permit application can be filed.
  • Accessory Apartment application must be filed before a plumbing permit can be issued.
  • Riser diagram (if applicable).
  • If filing for HVAC, please provide ductwork sketch, Manuals J, D & S, and EPA license number.
  • If filing for any gas work, please include a gas piping diagram.
  • If filing to turn gas on, please provide a gas piping diagram and deed if recently purchased.
Please check if your application has all of the required documents. The entire application shall be returned if incomplete.
Inspectors available between 8:00am-9:00am & 3:30pm–4:30pm
Vincent Biondo – Senior Plumbing Inspector (631) 957-3021
Duncan Ridge – Plumbing Inspector (631) 957-3037
Desiree Norris – Senior Office Assistant (631) 957-7423
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